Gold Chain

Overnight Mountings

Gold Necklace Chain

The Goldsmith Shoppe has a wide range of Womens and Mens Gold Chains in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt in white, yellow, rose gold. Customize as you wish. Perfect for Bridal Jewelry or Bridesmaids Gifts. Contact us to have all your questions answered.

CHGROP001_3 Chain
CHGROP001_3 Gold Chain
CHGCBL008_3 Chain
CHGCBL008_3 Gold Chain
CHGCBL009_3 Chain
CHGCBL009_3 Gold Chain
CHGWHE001_3 Chain
CHGWHE001_3 Gold Chain
CHGROP004_1 Chain
CHGROP004_1 Gold Chain
CHGCBL004_3 Chain
CHGCBL004_3 Gold Chain
CHGWHE003_3 Chain
CHGWHE003_3 Gold Chain
CHGSNK003_3 Chain
CHGSNK003_3 Gold Chain
CHGBOX003_3 Chain
CHGBOX003_3 Gold Chain
CHGCBL003_3 Chain
CHGCBL003_3 Gold Chain
CHGWHE002_3 Chain
CHGWHE002_3 Gold Chain
CHGWHE004_3 Chain
CHGWHE004_3 Gold Chain
CHGCBL002_3 Chain
CHGCBL002_3 Gold Chain
F1598J_9 Chain
F1598J_9 Gold Chain
F1597J_1 Chain
F1597J_1 Gold Chain
CHGROP003_1 Chain
CHGROP003_1 Gold Chain